Best referral schemes for tasking apps in the UK!

Best referral schemes for tasking apps in the UK!

As you already know, I really like task apps where you do little assignments in your local stores and get paid for this. Some people make thousands from this venture, but for me, it’s only a side venture to make extra cash.

Most of the tasking apps have a referral scheme where they pay you a small reward if you invite your friends to use these apps as well. It’s not a lot, but this can become a great side income making a little money every month.

Today I will list the apps with best referral schemes and will write in detail how much each of these apps pay for referring your friends.


Roamler is currently the most popular app in the UK and it’s one of the favourites for me. It has plenty of assignments with a reasonable pay rate. Mystery shopping, building promotional displays and many more. Also, Roamler has the best referral scheme in the market. You can earn big money by recruiting new Roamlers. For each new referral which will reach level 2, you will instantly earn £2, and from that moment you will get 2% of the amount your friend is making.

  • £2 instantly
  • 2% of recruit earnings forever (or until Roamler will change the rules)

The only downside for this scheme is that you have a limited number of invitations. You will earn new invitation codes with every new level you achieve. When you reach level 3, you will receive your first invite code that you can give to someone. With level 4, you win another two codes, with level 5 another3 codes, etc.


SmartSpotter recently celebrated their first year in the UK market. During this year, they have gained strong clients, and if it continues at the same pace, it will be a solid contender in the UK tasking apps market. Now SmartSpotter announced their referral scheme, which is very appealing and it’s firmly in the second position of this list. For each new referral which will c0omplete their test assignments and achieves their first 100 SmartPoints, you will be awarded £1 instantly, and from that moment you will get £0.05 for each task your friend will complete correctly.

  • £1 instantly
  • £0.05 for each assignment your friend completes

Every Spotter immediately receives three invites. And then extra invitation will be awarded for every 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. SmartPoints you earn. If you will apply for SmartSpotter account through my link; you will get an extra one invite from the beginning, and you will start with 4 invites!


BeMyEye is a veteran in the tasking app market. It is one of the oldest tasking apps available in the UK; therefore, it has a big crowd of users. However, BeMyEye still offers referral scheme and awards you with £1 for each new user you get in after they complete their first assignment. Unfortunately, there is no follow up rewards, and after this £1, your connections with a new referral will not bring any profit to yourself anymore.

  • £1 for reference and new user after completion of a new mission.

If you want to get £1 extra on your first mission, you can use my referral link or use my referral code x5kqlg , and we both will get rewarded an extra £1 on our next mission.

Can you get rich from these referral scehemes?

As you can see, rewards are small, but they add up. If you have just a few friends or family members who actively complete small tasks on these apps, they can easily make a £5-10 of passive income for you. They work, and you earn, isn’t that great?

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