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What is BeMyEye App?

The age of technology is excellent for people who are looking to make extra money to boost their income. And now, when nearly everyone holds smartphones in their hands, crowd power is gaining momentum. BeMyEye is another excellent app, which pays you the money for doing small tasks in your free time.

Be My Eye is one of the most popular task apps in the UK, and it offers plenty of opportunities to make spare cash. How much you earn depends only on you. Time and distance you are ready to travel can make a big difference. But even if you will do tasks around your area, this can boost your budget.

How to earn money with BeMyEye App?

First, you need to download the BeMyEye app and create your account. If you will sign up using my link here and enter my invite code x5kqlg , we both will get rewarded an extra £1 on our next mission. The app is available on iPhone and Android.

Registration is super simple. Once you have the app installed on your smartphone, enter your email and create a password. You can now start earning money. When you choose to cash out, you need to complete your “Profile” section in the app. You can do this by clicking your name on the top of the app and choosing your preferred payment method.

Now, when you completed your “Sign Up” process, go to the “Missions” tab where you can see all available missions near you. BeMyEye offers a variety of different tasks, ranging from checking stock levels and promotional materials available in the stores to taking mystery shopping jobs. BeMyEye provides lengthy instructions to make sure you understand the mission. You will have brief expectations posted in the instructions as well. These will include how long a job should take to complete, how many pictures you will have to make, and how many questions you will need to answer. Once you read the instructions, the process to complete your mission is simple.

  1. Reserve a mission, so no one could take this task before you get into location.
  2. Go to the location and check-in. BeMyEye will notify you if they believe you are too far away from the store. If this is a notified visit, you will have a letter of permission available for you.
  3. Enter the store and either proceed with your task or show your letter to the store manager and let them know that you are here on behalf of BeMyEye.
  4. Follow instructions on the app. Take pictures and record notes. Make sure you do pictures exactly as asked per instructions. You can do more than one photo, and I encourage you to do this. BeMyEye are pretty picky in terms of the pictures.
  5. Submit your job and wait for review. With BeMyEye approval, time vary in unsteady and may vary from a few hours to a couple of weeks.

If your missions approved, you will get paid into your app, and you can cash out later. Sometimes your task can be marked as “Incomplete”. In this case, you will get notification what was not up to their standard, and they will allow you to go back and re-take pictures, or re-ask questions if you have missed some vital information.

I did not have many missions “Incomplete”, two out of 23 submitted, where “Incomplete”. Although it’s not a high number, I felt with one of the missions BeMyEye was abusive with their power. As per instructions, I did pictures only of the shelves which had energy drinks present. Mission was marked down as “Incomplete”, and I was asked to go back to take photos of all fizzy drink bays, to confirm no energy drinks were available on other shelves. Unfortunately, you cannot dispute their decision, nor can you contact “reviewers” to discuss the situation. The Roamler app has a great feature of the “Chat” tab, where you can communicate with their team directly.

How to get paid by BeMyEye?

You can request money to be paid either into your PayPal or Bank account. Enter details of your accounts in the “Profile”. Once details are there, click on the “Available Cash” tab and request payment. Money should come into your PayPal account instantly.

BeMyEy app, is it worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

Is it worth it? Absolutely yes. Some tasks are overwhelmingly long, but others are short and easy to complete. It is up to you which jobs you do and how much time you are willing to spend. Last month I earned £74.30 by taking missions during my regular shopping.


  • Easy to use app, clear mission instructions
  • Always have some tasks available in my area
  • Instant cash out into PayPal account


  • Pay rate could be better
  • Sometimes very picky with the picture quality
  • Some tasks require lots of pictures to be taken in store. Not good for people who lack confidence in public.

Overall I enjoy using BeMyEye and making extra money. Combining this app with other task apps like Roamler or Field Agent, this makes a really powerful boost to my piggy bank.

Don’t forget to sign up using my link here and enter my invite code x5kqlg , we both will get rewarded extra £1 on our next mission.

You can download your BeMyEye app from here

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