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I do like to get freebies and discounts on my shopping, and now when I carry my smartphone everywhere, I go, to get an extra discount became very easy. All you need to do with cashback apps is pick a deal from the app, buy a product in the right supermarket, snap a receipt and get money back into your account. Simple as that. Today I will look at one of the most popular cashback apps “Checkout smart.”

What is the “Checkout Smart”?

“Checkout Smart” is available on both your phone and your computer. App offers discounts and freebies for many food and drink deals. It has the most comprehensive list of supermarkets and deals are available online and in-store. All major supermarkets and online retailers in the UK are accessible with “Checkout Smart”. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA it’s just a few to mention.

checkout smart retailers list

Slight difference from other cash back apps, “Checkout Smart” offers multiple deals for the same product. With other apps, you can usually claim discount only one time, while “Checkout Smart” sometimes allow you to claim 3, 5 or even 11 times for the same item.

checkout smart multiple claims

Overall list of discounts and offers on “Checkout Smart” exceeds any other app I have seen in the market.

How does “Checkout Smart” work?

You can install the “Checkout Smart” app into your iPhone or Android smartphone, or visit their website here. Then you need to sign up either using “Facebook” account or create new account, manually entering email address and password. Now you browse all available deals an pick the ones you like. You can use filter to show only your preferred supermarkets. All you need to do now is head to store or shop online and keep your receipt.

How to claim your cashback with “Checkout Smart”?

To claim you need to open an app, click on the camera icon and follow the steps. Choose supermarket, day of purchase and either scan bar-code of item you have bought or chose deal from the list. Click “Next” and take a picture of the receipt. Make sure you include receipt with clearly visible the shop address, the date of purchase, the receipt number, items you have bought and the prices.

checkout smart cashback process

Click on “Upload Receipt” icon and wait for approval. Once your request is approved, money will get transferred into your app wallet. You can see balance by clicking “Account balance” tab in the menu. To withdraw your money for free, you need to have at least £20.00 inn balance; any less will trigger a 5% transfer fee.

There are two available options how you can withdraw your money, either PayPal or bank account. Once your request is approved, money should reach you within ten days.

“Checkout Smart”, is it worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

So far have been impressed with the “Checkout Smart”. There are regular items listed throughout the week, and I have redeemed quite a few free things. Uploaded receipts were approved within few hours and balance is growing very fast.


  • Money for nothing 🙂
  • Plenty of freebies on offer every week
  • Easy to navigate and simple to use app
  • Fast receipt approval


  • Somewhat challenging to snap a receipt. App always unhappy with the light, position of the phone, etc. I started ignoring these notifications and snap a receipt as best as I can haven’t been rejected yet.

Five quid here and five quid there… It all adds up very quickly. So why not to use it?

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You can download the app from here:

receipt hog google
receipt hog iPhone

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