Field Agent – Earn Money by Doing Tasks with Your Smartphone

Field agent earn money with your phone

What is Field Agent App?

Field Agent

If you like to get paid for quick visits to your local stores to check stock or write a review about your buying experience, the Field Agent app is for you. You can install this app on iPhone or Android phones, and once you have your account registered, you can start accepting the tasks and get paid. Field Agent is one of the oldest apps in the market for crowdsourcing. Company began in 2009, and since then over two million people have been working as mystery shoppers, stock auditors or product reviewers around the world.

How to earn money with Field Agent App?

Field agent is a top-rated app within people who are making money with tasks on their smartphones. To be fair, I noticed the much higher competition with this app in comparison to Roamler or BeMyEye. Once task becomes available, usually, it’s gone within a few hours, so you need to be quick.

At the same time, being on this field for the longest time, it looks like Field Agent mastered their way of task presentation. They have unambiguous instructions, and the workflow is excellent. No moving in the shop back and forwards, everything is made to make sure that task is very convenient to complete. Also, Field Agent offers a very competitive rate for their missions.

To get started, you need to visit the Field Agent website and complete your account registration by entering Name, email address and creating a password for your account.

Field Agent registration form

Then download a Field Agent app either from the Apple app store or Google Play store and sign in with your credentials. After sign in, you can start looking for the available tasks in your area. Jobs may vary from mystery shopping to checking the stock levers or buying a product and writing review about your experience. Field Agent reimburses any requested purchases.

Field Agent Available tasks

Once you can see available tasks, click on one of them and information will expand. You will see how much time you have to complete these missions, how much you will get paid and instructions for the assignment. If you are happy to proceed, the following steps are easy:

  1. Reserve a mission, so no one could take this task before you get into location.
  2. Go to the location and check-in.
  3. Follow instructions on the app. Take pictures, count stock levels and record your notes.
  4. Submit your job and wait for review. Field Agent usually takes about two working days to review your mission.

Payments may vary from £0 to £10 depending on the complexity of the task. £0 usually it’s a screening survey which is very important to fill if you want to get paid assignment. Sometimes from one screening assignment, you may have multiple jobs to follow.

How to get paid by Field Agent App?

Field agent will pay into your Bank account with BACS payment. To enter your bank details, you need to visit the Field Agent website with a browser rather than the app. Cash-out available at any time, payments processed on Monday, and money arrives into your bank account on Thursday. No fees charged on cashouts and no minimum withdrawal requirement with this app.

Field Agent cash out

Field Agent App, is it worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

I like Field Agent because of their easy to follow assignments. I think their tasks are built as best in the market. No walking back and forwards, questions are clear and easy to follow. The payment rate is fair, and I think a little above other apps in the market. The only downside is not enough tasks available. Competition is high, and once tasks are on, they are gone very quickly.


  • Best instructions and easy to complete tasks
  • Higher than average payment rate in the market
  • No minimum payment threshold and paid directly to your bank account


  • High competition against other “taskers”, jobs are gone quickly
  • Not enough jobs available (at least in my area)

Overall I found Field Agent very attractive app which I scan for new jobs occasionally. Although I did not have many jobs available, I still managed to get ~£10 per month doing tasks within walking distance from my home.

You can download Field Agent app from here

Field Agent Google Store
Field Agent Apple Store

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