Monthly income report and recap – December 2019

Monthly income report and recap – December 2019


Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families and friends and I wish to have tremendous success in New Year 🙂

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It’s time for my monthly income report again. My expectations for December was meagre, I thought there would be not too many tasks available with tasking apps, I expected Prolific to be very quiet due to holiday period at academic institutions, I had no plans to start any new projects, etc.

As you already know, I share my income with the readers to encourage everyone who needs money to take action. My income reports should be a visible indication of what anyone can earn if you put some efforts and stay active during your free time.

Despite my plans, I have kept tasking with smartphone, completed surveys online and in December I already made a “raw returns” purchase which I will start selling out in January. Please keep your eyes peeled and follow my blog for updates about this project.

Now let’s dig into the numbers how much I earned in December 2019.

How much did I earn in December 2019?

Although I wasn’t very active with tasking this month, I still managed to earn a very decent amount. There were few tasks with excellent pay rate so that I couldn’t resist temptation and I popped into a few supermarkets to do some jobs. At the end of the month was pleasantly surprised with the result.

Total earned £242.58

Another great month and so far my side hustling keeps on giving. I am glad and excited that this is going so well. So far each month have exceeded £200, and I am thrilled to shout about this in my income report this month. I am already planning my summer holidays 🙂

Task apps on my smartphone – £201.40

Roamler income for December

I’ve seen loads of available tasks on the tasking apps and could make a fortune if I would be a little more active this month. But as planned, December was a month for relaxation, so I did not do too many jobs. However, when I saw tasks with a high pay rate, I was out to do them. Month ended with reasonable top up in my wallet, total earned with tasking apps – £201.40

  • BeMyEye – £79.40
  • Roamler – £54.00
  • SmartSpotter – £68.00

Filling In Surveys – £29.68

With surveys was the same story. I did not chase for the surveys, did not look at the Swagbucks and earned a few pennies from Qmee by surfing the web. Surprisingly Prolific was active as usual, and only by end of the month there was a slowdown with the studies. I have finally reached my £50 threshold with PopulusLive, but not received my cheque yet. Hopefully I will be able to add this in to my next months report. Total earned with survey platforms this month, was £29.68

  • Prolific – £25.54
  • StreetBees – £4.00
  • Qmee – £0.14

Cashback – £11.50

I did not use cashback apps a lot. Few times had a look, but there was no special offers for my Christmas or new years shopping, so was adamant to use. But, I’ve got my first £3 from referred registrations. Very glad that finally someone used it and I hope they enjoyed the Ice cream. 🙂

  • Shopmium – £3.00 (reward for registration trough my link)
  • Checkout Smart – £8.50

You can register on Shopmium with my referral code yz3gu4 and get a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Goals for the next month

I should probably call this “plans and goals for next year”. And what are my plans? As Pinky said so many times, I will try to take over the world 😀 And on the serious note, my next years’ resolution – dream big, work hard, stay kind to everyone including my self and make more money.

What about next month? Continue tasking, surveying, and look for new opportunities. As mentioned, in December, I have bought a batch of electrical equipment from raw customer returns. Now it’s time to test them all, sort it out and start selling. Will see how it pans out and fingers crossed this will reflect positively in my next months’ income report. Keep looking for new posts coming out about this project and in the meantime see my post about what raw returns are?

I will keep blogging. As you already know I started this blog with the idea that one day this will be part of my side hustle income, so I have started monetising my site, and you probably noticed adds popping here and there. I am sorry if this disturbs you, but I really appreciate your understanding and hopefully adds will be relevant to you so that I could get some clicks on them 🙂

I will try to keep the same pace and have at least another 4-5 posts this month, hopefully, they will cover more new and exciting topics so we could learn something new altogether.

  • Keep blogging. Try to post at least another 4-5 blog posts
  • Keep tasking. Festive season is over, and hopefully, there will be a lot of new activities so we all could make a lot of money
  • Continue with surveys. Prolific and PopulusLive are brilliant sites which don’t take much of my time. And each keeps giving extra £25-40 per month
  • Some raw return items were bought, now it’s time to sell them. I am getting stacked with the boxes around my desk, so this needs to go ASAP:)

Looking forward to this new year. I feel it will be fascinating and enjoyable year. I am starting January on a very positive note, with new ideas and full re-powered energy to keep me going.

I hope you enjoyed reading and see you back for my new blog posts. I wish you all a wonderful 2020!

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