Monthly income report and recap – November 2019

Monthly income report extra cash


Welcome to my second monthly income report where I will be sharing with you, how much extra money I have earned during this month.

Purpose of monthly blog recaps is to be transparent with my readers and allow everyone to see what they can earn on aside. And finally, it helps to keep a track how much do I make every month.

At the same time, it is a real joy to withdraw all the money from apps and websites I use and see how my savings are growing every month. I hope if you are reading my blog, this will motivate you to give a try and make your own stream of extra money. I do love to try new things every month, and hopefully, my experience will help you to avoid any possible mistakes.

I believe, anyone who will read these reports will be able to answer the questions like “How much extra money can I earn from side hustle?” or “Is it worth doing extra jobs?”. This blog slowly will cover more and more topics, and you will see how much you can earn with surveys, task apps on your smartphones, snapping receipts and many more. So I highly recommend to keep an eye on my blog.

If you want to read my previous blog recap, you are very welcome to see my October report:

Now, let’s crunch the numbers for November!

How much did I earn in November 2019?

In November, I did try a few new things and added a few more apps into my routine. I started snapping receipts from my everyday shopping, also started using in-store cashback apps and broadened range of task apps. My smartphone became very busy, and I know, it looks like I am getting obsessed with task apps, but I like them a lot.

November was a good month, and I made in total – £332.07

This money could be perfectly used for my Christmas shopping and gifts, but I will not spend them now. This money will be used for my next experiment to buy graded goods and try to sell them at a higher price! As I said before, I want to roll this blog from zero, to… no limits are set. But I started with nothing and profit from last month have covered the cost of this blog, profit from this month will cover the cost of new experiment, and hopefully, this experiment will increase profits even further.

Let’s see where the money coming from and do the income breakdown:

Task apps on my smartphone – £249.30

Roamler monthly results

Another great month for “tasking” in my area. The only difference from last month is that I had one dedicated Saturday morning for tasking with Smartspotter. I couldn’t let this opportunity, there was loads of jobs available in my area, and it took me 3 hours to earn £50. All other money earned in the usual way, doing tasks while shopping or stopping when I am close to the active spot.

Filling In Surveys – £52.22

Surveys are a great addition to my income. If you use them smartly, then studies won’t take a lot of your time and will pay for you close or in some cases even above-average UK hourly rate. My favourite survey platforms are Prolific and PopulusLive. Although PopulusLive account has grown significantly during November, I have not reached a minimum of £50 threshold to cash out; therefore, it is not included in my report.

Snapping my shopping receipts – £20.00

I did not expect to be reporting income from snapping my receipts, simply because these apps do not pay so much and should take at least 2-3 months to enable a first cash out. However, I was fortunate, and I won top prize in the weekly prize draw – 10,000 tokens. Plus I added tokens from my receipts and I cashed out my first £20 PayPal voucher. Very excited about that! 🙂

Shoppix – £20.00

Cashback – £10.55

I wasn’t sure should I include cashback into my income reports. It’s not an income, but savings from the purchases which would I would make anyway. Cashback is coming back in cash, so at the end I said, yes it’s well worth to include these too. I did not try any cashback for online purchases yet, but I am pleased with results for cashback from my in-store purchases.

Shopmium – £10.55

You can register on Shopmium with my referral code yz3gu4 and get a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Goals for the next month

I am pleased with the results of this month. Income has increased by nearly 50% from last month. Obviously, I do not expect to keep going with the same growth rate, but it looks very encouraging for now. I think the December results will be slightly lower.

Prolific is an academic research platform; naturally, there should be fewer surveys available due to universities and colleges closing down for the festive season. So do I 🙂 I will be on holiday during Christmas time and will be spending more time with the family rather than blogging or working on aside.

Plans for December? Keep making money. Keep blogging. Celebrate Christmas 😀

  • Task apps are an integral part of me now. I always check them and still hunting for new jobs in my area. I will definitely keep doing this.
  • I will keep an eye on Prolific, although I expect this month to be slightly slower due to the incoming holiday period.
  • Buy graded /raw return items and prepare them to sell next year!
  • Due to shorter month, apart from buying graded items, not very likely to try anything new for my side hustles, but it’s OK – I will start the new year with fresh ideas and fresh energy
  • I will keep blogging, and I am aiming to post at least another four posts this month

My extra income will see slightly less exciting month ahead, but it’s understandable. I am looking for more time with my family during the holiday, and hopefully, everyone will have great moments in their homes!

I hope this monthly income report was informative and will help you to make your first steps making extra money! If you need more money for Christmas, you still have time to register for task apps and make a hundred or two, to buy a good Christmas presents for your loved ones!

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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