Phone farming UK 2020, is it dead?

Phone farming UK 2020 is it dead?

What is phone farming?

Phone farming is a lucrative way of making passive income by running video clips on the idle mobile phones all day without interaction. There are websites and apps which allow you to watch videos on repeat and pay you a little reward for this, either in cash or points which later you can redeem in gift cards with popular retailers.

Another popular option is to install data collection apps and let them run in the background. These apps usually tracks what applications you have downloaded on your mobile phone and how you use them. Because phone farm typically utilise phones which are not in use anymore, even multiple data collection apps shouldn’t bother you, because slowing down the phone, it’s not a concern in this case.

phone farm in china
Phone farm in China

What phones to use for phone farming?

As a general rule, phones used in the farm are either brand new crappy cheap android phones or old unused phones which are sitting on the bottom of your desk drawer. Depending on the service you going to use, your Android phone might need to meet minimum requirements, like Android versions shouldn’t be too old, etc. Please check this before you buy a phone.

Phone farming UK 2020 is it dead?

Probably the best way to try this service is by using the old phones if you have any, or ask family members to donate their old phone for your biz.

What are the most popular apps for phone farming?

Video and content watching apps

  • Swagbucks – so far, this is the only one site which still pays you money for watching video content in the UK. We could call this passive income, but I would rather not. Swagbucks is an excellent platform for making money; it offers surveys, cashback and video content rewards. However, speaking about video content, this became somewhat proactive rather than passive. You have to keep an eye on running videos to click on the “Next” button otherwise app will stop playing. You can earn up to £0.2 per day if you allow to run this service on your phone.

Data collecting apps

  • Bee Labs – Earn £1 every week for keeping their app without uninstalling. Make sure you visit the app once a week and request Payout. You have to be an active member of Streetbees app to get invitation to use Labs app.
  • mobileXpression – Earn £10 Amazon gift card in two weeks. Keep app installed and earn additional credits which can be redeemed for more gift cards.
  • Powr of You – 78% of positive reviews on Trustpilot with people claiming they’ve got £10 in first week.

There were many more apps available for phone farming UK in previous years, Nielsen Mobile Panel, Perk TV, etc. but all are closing their services and no longer provides opportunities for phone farming.

How much can you earn from phone farming?

Phone farming UK 2020 is it dead?

As you can see with limited apps now allowing you to keep your phone farm alive, income is not very encouraging. You can expect to earn up to £0.2 per day (or up to £6 per month) with Swagbucks, up to £4 with “Bee Labs”; “mobileXpression” and “Powr of You” doesn’t provide estimates how much can you earn. Users online claiming made £10 in a week or two with each app, but it looks like payment reduced significantly afterwards, and sometimes it took another year and a half to earn another £25 with “mobileXpression”.

I would assume you can earn in the region of £100-200 per year combining income from all apps.

Phone farming conclusions, is it worth it?

I think that phone farming in 2020 is not worth the time; passive earnings became much more NON-passive. Other factors to consider:

Phone continuously running ads will have to stay on the charger all the time and will consume electricity. My ruff calculations, with phone fully discharging every 4hrs, would burn about £10-12 of electricity per year. That is about 10% of all expected income. But if you keep your farm in the room, then you might save some on the heating?

Add the time you have to spend clicking “Next” or refreshing/restarting phone. If you have a large farm, this might eat all your free time.

How about electromagnetic radiation from your phones? When you have one phone, then it’s considered relatively low radiation, but when we speak about farms it definitely should be kept away from the people; otherwise, it’s more like a “cancer farm”. Look at this farm, can you imagine having this next to your desk? 🙂

I have “Bee Labs” running on my everyday phone, and this is the only app I am using to earn passive income. It has transparent information about how much I will be paid, and it’s genuinely passive £1 per week or £52 per year. Other than that, I came to the conclusion that phone farming is DEAD.

It might be a different story in the USA or other countries, but in the UK, there is no hope to make decent passive income from this venture.

Instead of phone farming, why not to give a go and complete a few surveys in your free time:

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