“PopulusLive” survey website, is it worth it?

PopulusLive survey platform


What is “PopulusLive”?

PopulusLive is a popular market research company; in other words, another survey platform. You should expect to answer questions and share your opinion about different matters and get paid for this. Most surveys with PopulusLive focused on retail and consumer’s needs, but sometimes it takes political or local importance twists.

The power of opinions should help to build better service for everyone, and there is no wrong or right answers. For example, last week I had a survey about NHS waiting time at A&E and fingers crossed, my input will make a difference! 🙂


Every study has control check questions. You will be asked questions at the beginning of the survey and then the same questions repeated at the end of the survey, to check that you give the same answer. And if you start clicking random answers there and here, I saw people complaining about receiving very rude warning messages from PopulusLive.

PopulusLive is not like any other survey provider, doesn’t have a page where you can browse available surveys. The way Populus Live works is, you will be getting an email with invitations to complete the survey. Not sure how often emails arrive, but I registered 3 weeks ago, and the first two weeks have not had any email. Third week, I had received invitations for three days in a raw. From the information I gathered, you should expect to get about two surveys per week; you need to take them quickly, depending on the requirements available spaces being filled pretty fast. I think it’s a great idea to get invitations for surveys by email. I don’t need to monitor their webpage, and I can focus on my daily work without distraction.

How much money can you make with “PopulusLive”?

PopulusLive say they pay £1.00 per 5 minutes of your time. This make PopulusLive the best survey platform with an hourly rate of £12.00 per hour.

Emails from PopulusLive are not very frequent, but they do coming up. People online were telling that more surveys you do, more emails will be arriving. Once you start skipping your studies, the frequency of emails will be slowing down as well. Not sure how much truth about this, but as mentioned once I signed up, for the first two weeks, I did not have any invitations at all, and now things are getting better.

PopulusLive survey

Speaking about my personal experience – pay rate advised in email not always represent the exact rate in reality. My last three surveys were not so shiny, but not disappointing at all in any case.

Expected TimePayRateReal-TimePaidRate
15 min£3£1224 min£3£7.5
20 min£4£1220 min£4£12
10 min£2£1220 min£2£6

As you can see, not every survey works out at £12.00 per hour rate, but their rates are still very competitive, and I think it’s worth doing them.

Like most of the survey providers, you may be screened out at some point during the survey. You won’t receive a reward for this survey, but instead, you will enter into a monthly prize draw of £250. The prize draw takes place on the second Monday of each month, and if you are the winner, you will get paid in 4 weeks after the draw.

PopulusLive monthly prize draw

What are the available payout options on “PopulusLive”?

PopulusLive payout is a bit old school; they will send you the paycheque to your registered address when you reach £50.00.

My first week when I received a survey invitation, I have earned £9.00. Most people advised receiving two studies per week with an average payout of £2-3 per survey. It should take about 2 to 3 months to reach the first payment. It’s not a bad result, considering how much time you spend doing their surveys and makes a decent top up of extra money to your wallet.

Is PopulusLive scam?

I have not seen any complaints about people not getting their cheques and see no reason to question PopulusLive legitimacy. I have received my first cheque after 3 months.

Is PopulusLive scam?

How to register and start working on “PopulusLive”?

Registration on PopulusLive made easy and quick. Visit the PopulusLive website, click on the “sign up now” button and fill in your application form.

Once you signed up, you should receive an email asking to confirm your registration. Once registration is approved, you need to click on the “My Account” tab, and you need to find the “My Profile” tab there.

PopulusLive registration

Here you will find additional profile forms to fill in. These are necessary to make sure you will start receiving emails with survey invitations. Make sure your address is correct, so your cheques will arrive at the correct postal address.

PopulusLive demographic survey

Once these completed, sit down and relax. Now you are ready to start receiving emails with invitations, and I hope it won’t take too long.

“PopulusLive”, Is It Worth it? Conclusions, Pros, and Cons

PopulusLive is a market leader with a competitive pay rate of £12 per hour. I may not get many surveys to do, but with such high pay, it worth waiting for them. Getting a pay-cheque of £50 will not make me rich, but it definitely will be a great addition to my savings targets.

£200-300 per year, might pay for holiday tickets alone 🙂 PopulusLive is an excellent addition to my side gigs, and I strongly recommend registering with them, to anyone looking make extra cash with surveys.


  • High pay rate reaching up to £12 per hour
  • No need to monitor website, invitations will arrive by email
  • Low rate of “screen out’s.”


  • Payment by cheque only
  • Smallest payout threshold £50

As with any other survey site, it won’t make you rich. But £12 per hour it’s exellent pay for the time you spend filling the surveys.

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Don’t forget key facts about making money online

  • Regularly withdraw your earnings from the website. Do not use survey sites as your saving accounts. Anything can happen, and if the company goes busted, your earnings are gone as well.
  • I suggest to have a secondary email address for your side hustles online. Otherwise, your primary email account might be flooded with spam and unnecessary emails.
  • Don’t forget to declare your extra income to HMRC at the end of the financial year. You must report this as a self-employed income.

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