QMEE survey website, is it worth it?


What is Qmee?

Qmee it’s a survey platform available to use on PC or mobile. Qmee was founded in 2012 and is a well known reputable brand. Apart from surveys, with Qmee help, you can earn small cash rewards by searching on Google or Amazon and referring your friends. I noticed recently they also added a new feature to their website, which is giving you cashback if you take one of the offers available on their site. I hopped to see Qmee as one of my favourite survey platforms, mainly due to the simplicity of their user interface. Clear and easy to use, not much to click around and there are surveys available all the time you pop into their page.

Qmee survey page

I do like their browser extension, which will pay a small amount of cash rewards if you click on their offered link while browsing the web and searching for something. For example, today I was looking for a new kettle because my old one unfortunately burned out. My search for “Philips kettle” in Google brought me some results, and if I click on Qmee suggested a link, I will get £0.05 in my piggy bank. My quick look through the search results indicates that Qmee is offering the cheapest deal, thus it would make sense and buy this kettle in the same place where Qmee is suggesting. Today, only by searching the web, Qmee has saved into my piggybank £0.20. I noticed that the reward amount varies from £0.04- to £0.06. I will not get rich from this, but it’s a great extra money for nothing. In the UK, you will get rewards for searches on the following engines: Google, Bing, Amazon, and eBay.

Qmee side bar

If you are considering to sign up for TV service or thinking switching your current energy supplier, Qmee has a new “Offer” service, and they will give you cashback if you take a deal through them. Amount of cash they give you will vary from deal to deal, it’s worth visiting their website and see if anything is interesting for you.

Qmee cashback

How and how much money I can earn with Qmee?

Although it’s great to have these offers and small rewards by searching the web, my main focus with Qmee was their surveys. The first day I signed up, I installed a chrome extension and expected to be informed about new available studies when they come up. Unfortunately, notifications were popping up too often, lack of surveys it’s not the case for Qmee. There are available surveys all the time, so you don’t need to be notified. As far as I understand Qmee works not as an independent survey provider, but they are partners with many different survey providers. Qmee well stocked with surveys, but due to being the only third part in this business, the pay rate drops significantly, and the average rate for their surveys is hovering close to £2.00 and sometimes even considerably less. I wasn’t taking any surveys which were paying less than £3.00. Therefore, the amount of studies meeting my requirements has been minimal. For example, I have taken 5 minutes survey for £0.29 today, and successfully completed, this makes an hourly rate £3.48 per hour. I was lucky there were not too many “pre-screening” questions, and I managed to get into this timeframe. Other times “pre-screening” questions take so long, that the result is not even close to £3.00.

Qmee Surveys

Before I signed up to Qmee, I saw complaints about people being “screened out” of surveys, however in my personal experience, even after I have been “screened out” from time to time, it was at a much lower rate than other popular survey platforms. I believe, this is unavoidable in the survey business. What is excellent, that Qmee pays you a small reward if you have been screened out at a later stage in the survey. For example, my number two survey for today was £0.59 reward for 12 minutes (I know it’s not £3.00 p/h, but it’s very close:)). Unfortunately, after 2 minutes in the survey, I was kicked out, but Qmee has compensated for my time £0.10, which is excellent.

Qmee screened out

What are the available payout options on Qmee?

After you complete your survey, reward is transferred into your piggy bank immediately, even if the message says that the award will be with you within 2 hours.

Qmee reward

Once the money is in your wallet, you can cash them out without any restrictions. Pay-out is immediate and no requirement for minimum threshold to be reached. Available cash out options are PayPal, Gift Cards or Charity Donation. I think the payment process with Qmee makes them very trustable and much better than a majority of survey sites where you have to either reach the minimum amount or wait for the check to arrive like with Populus Live.

Qmee cashback

If you have friends who would like to use Qmee for their pocket money, you can refer them by sharing a link you find in the tab “Referrals”. You and your friend will earn £0.50 on their first PayPal cash out.

I would be thankful if you will sign up using my referral link. You will be awarded £0.50 the same as I. My referral link can be found here.

  • How to register and start working on Prolific?

Signing up with Qmee is a straight forward process. All you need to do is visit the Qmee website. And click the “Sign up” button. Enter your email address, create a password and agree to the T&C’s.

Qmee registration

Click on the “NEW” button on the top right of your screen and unlock surveys by filling in your questionnaire. It’s only 12 questions, and you are good to start with real surveys after that. However, I recommend going back to your “Profile” section and complete remaining questions, and this should reduce the amount of “Screen-out’s” you may get in the future.

Qmee profile survey

Easy and quick registration process, makes Qmee stand out from the crowd with their user-friendly approach.

Conclusion. Pros and Cons

If you have a lot of free time, then Qmee is an excellent place to do surveys and get paid for the searches. It can be a great addition to your pocket money. However, the hourly rate hardly achieving £3.00 per hour makes me very hard to spare my time for this venture. Although I am going to keep the extension installed to get paid for the searches, I am doubtful to continue with surveys. If searches make at least £2.00 per month, I can use to buy a treat for kids 🙂


  • Simple clean user interface, very easy to use
  • Plenty of surveys available all the time
  • Great pay out policy


  • Low pay rate for completing surveys

Don’t forget to register using this link so you and I can get £0.50 on your first withdrawal.

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Don’t forget key facts about making money online

  • Regularly withdraw your earnings from the website. Do not use survey sites as your saving accounts. Anything can happen, and if the company goes busted, your earnings are gone as well.
  • I suggest to have a secondary email address for your side hustles online. Otherwise, your primary email account might be flooded with spam and unnecessary emails.
  • Don’t forget to declare your extra income to HMRC at the end of the financial year. You must report this as a self-employed income.

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