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What is Roamler?

Roamler is a smartphone app available on iPhone and Android phones, which pays people for carrying out various tasks. Your missions may vary from taking pictures of promotions in the stores, checking the stock levels in the supermarket, behave like Roamler mystery shopper or maybe even going to the pub and taking a pint of beer.

Roamler was founded in 2011 in Amsterdam. It’s a market leader within the task apps market in Europe. Currently, Roamler is available in Netherlands, Sweden, Chile, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium and Turkey. Even if you registered in the UK, you can carry out works in any of these countries if you know the local language, and listed this language in your settings.

Currently, you can joint Roamler with an invitation only. And if you need a Roamler invitation code, please leave a comment in this blog post and I may have one spare for you 🙂

How to earn money with the Roamler App?

Once you register with Roamler, you need to undertake some training. You can find your training tasks in the Experience tab. After you complete training missions and reached level 2, you can start earning money. All, you need to do, open the app, click on the “briefcase” and choose the “Paid” tab at the bottom. You will see all the available tasks in your area. You can widen or reduce coverage area in the settings, which will allow you to see more or fewer jobs you can do. I set this to cover no more than 10 miles from me.

You then click on the task to see more details, available locations, how much you will get paid, and how much experience points you will gain. Experience points are an essential part of this hustle. With each new level, you will unlock more different tasks, and you will be able to reserve more missions at once. Also, with each level, you will get an invitation code, which can be used to invite your friends to join the Roamler family.

Roamler app

Available tasks will change regularly. With any assignment, you will need to take some pictures, so make sure you have a good camera and follow the rules to get the perfect image for each task. Blurry photos or pictures not matching the requirements will get rejected, and you will not get paid.

You need to have mobile data enabled on your phone so that you can upload your missions once completed. How long will it take to complete the Roamler task? It depends on the complexity of the job. The time given for you to complete the task will be 2 hours. But the actual time you spent will vary from 5 minutes to 1 hour in most of the cases. Some mystery shopping missions are asking for a lot of information to be typed in and gives you up to 3 hours to do the job. I like to provide my feedback as detailed as I can, so, I try to have spare time to allow me to come back home and complete tasks in a warm and relaxed environment.

Payment very from £2 to £20, depending on the complexity and time remaining before missions closure. Closer to the deadline, the higher the pay. If you are lucky enough and have not many roamlers around you, it’s worth to wait for a couple of days until the pay rate increases.

For example, I noticed, when mystery shopping task appears near me for £5, usually it’s not being taken by anyone. After a week, pay increases to £8, then another three days get to £10, etc. If somehow task manages to get to £20, then all jobs in 40 miles radius around me, are gone in a few hours.

Sometimes you get multiple missions available in the same shop. For example, you need to check and sort the stock for two different products, and each task may pay £5, then you need to do mystery shopping for £8 and all this in the same store. Once it’s all submitted you earn £18 in one visit.

Tasks may not be available in your area one week, and then can be plenty of them next week. It is very dynamic, and you need to be proactive by checking the app from time to time during a day. Once you found anything, you are interested in and ready to do the job, reserve your place so no one else will take this opportunity from you. I had a few times when I came to the store and didn’t book my place before I left home. I found no more jobs available when I reached the destination.

After you read instructions, the task should be an easy straight forward process to do. For example, you may be asked to visit a mobile phone store and pretend you intend to take a deal in their store.

  1. Open the task and read the scenario, so you know what questions you need to ask.
  2. Reserve a mission, so no one could take this task before you get into the location.
  3. Go to location and check-in. Roamler will notify you if they believe you are too far away from the store.
  4. Follow instructions on the app. Take pictures, do your mystery shopping mission, record notes. Make sure you don’t record your notes in the store; otherwise it won’t be “mystery” shopping 🙂
  5. Submit your job and wait for review. With Roamler usual approval time it’s a few hours. They do approve your missions even during a weekend.

Here are some advises how to submit perfect mission:

Roamler -What if?

You have something more to say at the end of the mission?

Leave optional comments at the end of the task if necessary. I love this option. It’s a place where you can add any challenges you had during your visit. For example, the store was inside the supermarket and did not have outside entrance. During a task, you have been asked to picture the store entrance from outside. Only leaving a comment, that store was located inside of another shop and did not have an outside access, I clarify why picture taken inside, and this reduces my chances of task rejection.

Another great future of the Roamler app, you can communicate directly with their team in the “Messages” area. They are very helpful and responsive.

How to get paid by Roamler?

Roamler will pay into your Paypal account. You can cash out anytime you want. When you cash out more than £20, Roamler will fund the transaction fee. For a cash-out of £20 or less, you will be charged with the transaction fee (2%). Up to £50, money is transferred to your account instantly. Higher amounts need to be checked by the Roamler team first. Last time checking took no longer than 15 minutes.

Roamler app, is it worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

I LOVE IT!!! That’s all I can say. I am sad I didn’t know about this app a long time before. It’s not a fountain of money by no means, but it made a very decent extra income for me and most of the tasks I was able to complete without travelling anywhere, just passing locations near my home or shopping in my regular store.

roamler cashout


  • Very good pay rate on most of the tasks
  • Easy to use app, with very clear mission instructions
  • Easy to use app, with very clear mission instructions
  • You can earn money whilst doing your regular shopping


  • You need to find the Roamler invitation code to join. (Leave a comment below if you looking for the code and I may have a spare one)
  • Not good for people who are shy to take pictures in public or speak with a stores employees

I suggest to cashout from time to time without consolidating your money in the app. You never know what can happen 🙂

You can download your Roamler app from here

roamler google play
roample apple app store

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