Shopmium App Review – How much can you save?

Shopmium app


Not everyone is enjoying grocery shopping. Some people would instead call this a “must-do” shopping, definitely no joy. But, as for my self, weekly going out to supermarkets to top up our fridge and cupboards is an engaging activity. As you are already aware, cooking is my passion. So, a supermarket visit is always an excellent opportunity to buy something new and cook something we never tried. Food expenses are one of the highest costs our family has, so when I find out that there are smartphone apps that give you cashback on your grocery shopping, I was very excited to try how it works. I have tested quite a few apps this month, and today I will review the most popular app in the UK – Shopmium.

What is the Shopmium app?


Shopmium it’s a free cashback app available on iPhone and Android smartphones. It gives you access to exclusive offers on everyday purchases in the supermarkets. It offers up to 100% cashback on different products, with featured products changing every week. Cashback is a partial refund of cost for your purchases and most of the cashback sites are working for the online purchases only. What makes Shopmium different? It’s an app for online and in-store shopping. If you download the Shopmium app through my link, you will get a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Or you can manually enter my referral code during the registration. My code is yz3gu4

How does Shopmium app work?

You can download a Shopmium app from the Apple or Google app stores. Once you install the app, you can browse available offers without registering; however, if you want to use and claim cashback on your purchases, you need to register and create an account.

You can register on the app either using your Facebook account or set up an account using your email, by manually entering all personal information and choosing your preferred payment method.

Shopmium freebies

Now, when you see all available offers, you can navigate deals using filters. You can choose to see in-store or online offers, and see only preferred supermarket deals. Each deal will show you how much you can claim back. If you see “Try for FREE”, this means you will get paid back 100% of the cost for this item.

How to claim your cashback with Shopmium app?

To claim cashback, you need to go to the supermarket where the offer is available, buy an eligible product and keep your receipt. Open an app, click on piggybank icon and select button “Request my cashback”. Take a picture of your receipt and scan the product barcode. You can have multiple eligible items on the same receipt, and you can scan them all in one go.

Now you need to wait for a day or two until your cashback is approved. You can follow the status of your claims in the “My Purchases” section. Once your request is approved, money automatically will reach your PayPal account within a day. If your preferred payment method is bank transfer, then this might take up to one week to be visible in your bank account.

Don’t bin your receipt until cashback is approved. In case there will be any issues with your request (incomplete photos, blurry receipt…) you will be contacted by email, and you will then have the opportunity to upload more pictures if needed.

shopmium cashback

Shopmium app, is it worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

I think this app has very reasonable offers. Although I have used only seven offers this month, I did not buy anything I wouldn’t buy during my regular shopping. So, with seven offers, I have saved £10.55 on my purchases. Not a miracle, but if you use app only to buy stuff you need or want, then it’s money for nothing!


  • Money for nothing 🙂
  • Plenty of freebies on offer every week
  • Easy to navigate and simple to use app
  • Automated payments without minimum threshold


  • Unless you are lazy to snap your receipt, there is nothing wrong with this app 🙂

My verdict – if this will add £10 to my savings every month, why not? Annual savings of £120 will make me only happy.

Also, you can earn £3, referring the app to your friends. For every person you introduce to Shopmium youwill get £3 referral credit, and your friend will get a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. If you want to get free Ice cream for yourself, please use my referral code yz3gu4 or download an app and register using my link.

You can download “Shopmium” app from here:

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