Shoppix app review – Earn extra cash for your shopping receipts


What is Shoppix App?


Shoppix it’s a market research company that collects data and later summarises this into market research reports about consumer behaviour in the UK. This data is then given to the brands which purchase these reports. No personal data is sold or passed to the 3rd party. Shoppix collects this data through the app where consumers are snapping their receipts. App is available only in the UK and can be installed on iPhone or Android smartphone.

How to earn money with Shoppix App?

First of all, you need to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and install this app into your smartphone. Then you need to register, fill in personal questionnaire and start snapping.

Each time you shop and get a receipt, open an app and using the camera of your phone take a clear picture of the receipt. Shoppix will verify the receipt and will reward you with “tokens”. Tokens later can be exchanged for Vouchers or cash via a PayPal account once you have reached the minimum qualifying levels of £5 worth of tokens. Voucher options include Amazon, iTunes, and Love2Shop.

Each receipt will give you 25 tokens, and if receipt submitted the same day after your shopping was done, then you will be rewarded by an extra five tokens as “time bonus”.

shoppix receipts

From time to time, you will be rewarded with “Survey” which then can lead to “Scratchcard”. Surveys are a short questionnaire about your experience in store which shouldn’t take longer than 30 seconds to complete and will give you an extra ten tokens. After you submit your survey, you may get a scratchcard. A winning scratchcard will give you extra tokens. Usual award with scratchcards is 10 to 50 tokens.

shoppix scratchcard

Also, you can get a scratchcard for snapping your receipts in consecutive weeks. You will be rewarded one scratchcard for completing two consecutive weeks and two scratchcards for completing three or more consecutive weeks. Both – winning and losing scratchcards gain entry into a weekly prize draw with bigger prizes up for grabs! Weekly grabs include two awards of 10,000 tokens and eight awards of 2,000 tokens. Weekly prize draw is being taken at 8 AM every Monday.

Surprisingly, I am using Shoppix only for three weeks now and already won “Jackpot” of 10,000 tokens. I think it’s a piece of pure luck, but very pleased with this reward 🙂

Shoppix weekly prize draw

I found I get on average about 400 points per week and you need to have at least 3,200 tokens to get £5. It looks like it should take about eight weeks until the first cash out. Obviously, if you are lucky and win weekly prize draw, then the first cash out will be much sooner.

How to get paid by Shoppix App?

You can request to get paid once you reach at least 3,200 tokens and this would be equal to £5. You can either request to get paid directly to your PayPal account or choose one of the gift card options with Amazon, iTunes or Love2Shop.

Available payout options are £5, £10, £20 vouchers. The higher the value of the voucher, the better the value of tokens it gives.

shoppix vouchers

Shoppix App, is it worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

£60 per year won’t make you rich, but it’s money for nothing, isn’t it? It takes only seconds to snap your receipt and adding this to all extra income will make a difference at the end. Also, you can combine with another same concept app Receipt Hog and double up your income from this activity 🙂


  •  Money for nothing
  • You have images of all your receipts if you ever needed again, for example, warranty issues


  • It takes some time to accumulate a substantial amount of cash in the account

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You can download the app from here:

Shoppix google play
shoppix apple app store

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