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What is SmartSpotter App?

SmartSpotter is a new, not very well known task app in the UK, and it’s available for iPhone and Android smartphones. It entered the UK market in March 2019 and allows you to earn money by doing short assignments in your area and beyond. As usual, missions may vary from inventory or promotions check to mystery shopping. You will get paid for visiting shops, taking pictures and answering questions. Since it is a fairly new app, it has not too many users; thus competition for “Spots” not so high compared to other task apps.

How to earn money with SmartSpotter App?

First of all, you need to sign up via the website Create your account, enter correct details and based on the data you have entered, SmartSpotter determines, whether you will gain access to the exclusive network or not. So far, I have not heard anyone being rejected. Once you sign up, make sure to check your spam inbox, my invitation email arrived there.

SmartSpotter how does it work?

SmartSpotter doesn’t have too many “Spots” at the moment, but I can see they are building their base in the UK quite strongly. This week there was the biggest Spot ever released with thousands of locations available across the UK. Literally, there was a spot available in nearly every supermarket, shop and petrol station. One morning I cycled 2 miles radius around my home for 3 hours and earned £50.

Rewards for tasks may vary from £5 to £20, depending on the complexity and time remaining before missions are closed. Closer to the deadline, the higher the pay.

Smartspotter available tasks

I feel that the app requires improvements. The ability to filter the tasks based on the distance would be a great feature. Now I see “Spots” which are irrelevant to me because they are hundreds of miles away from me and I am sure I will never travel this much to do the job.

Instructions for the tasks are not very detailed, either. But you can scroll through all the questions you will have for the mission and familiarise yourself with the assignment before accepting the task. If you are happy to proceed, then click to “Accept this Spot” and a 2-hour countdown will start. You have 2 hours to complete your mission. “Spots” has a similar process like any other task app:

  1. Reserve a mission, so no one could take this task before you get into location.
  2. Go to the location and check-in.
  3. Take a picture of the store from outside
  4. Enter the store and follow instructions on the app. Take pictures, count facings, etc.
  5. Submit your job and wait for review. SmartSpotter approval time is 48 hours. So far, they have approved all my missions within this time frame.

With every approval or rejection, you will be getting notifications on your phone, and you can see these notifications in the “Messages” tab.

Your “Spot” was approved

Your “Spot” was rejected

If “Spot” rejected, you would have a brief explanation about what was the reason for this.

“Dear Spotter, thank you for this Spot! Unfortunately, we have to reject it because this is not the correct location for this store. We need “123 Spotting Road”. If this Spot is still available, feel free to try again!”

Obviously, I’ve got this message because I did my “Spot” in the wrong shop. There were too many stores available in the same location, and it seems I’ve entered the wrong one. Out of 11 submitted “Spots”, one was rejected.

SmartSpotter Refer a Friend Scheme!

In March 2020 Smartspotter introduced a rewards scheme for referring your friends, neighbours or family members. Initially, you get three available invitations only! But if you sign up to SmartSpotter using the following link, you will get extra one invitation. Which means you can invite four friends instead of 3! That’s great isn’t? Click here!

So, what is SmartSpotter referral scheme and how does this work? You receive £1 for every new Spotter who comes through your link and completes the 2 test spots. After that, each assignment that your new Spotter has completed correctly will earn you £0.05!

SmartSpotter "Refer a Friend Scheme!"

How to get paid by SmartSpotter App?

SmartSpotter pays your earnings directly to your bank account. To get paid you need to visit your “Profile” tab and click on the “Request payment” button. If you don’t have £20 in your account, then your payment request will have a £0.50 surcharge.

If you have saved £20, you can request this payment, and it will be paid without any additional fees.

Also, you can use the automated payment process to get paid as soon as you reach £20 or more. You can enable this feature in the same tab were payment requests are made.

Smartspotter payment options

If you have a lot of spots available in your area, it’s easy to reach that minimum threshold for free cash out. Otherwise, it cost you £0.50, but at least you have the right to take out any amount of money without any withholdings.

Payments are processed every Thursday and should reach your bank account within three working days.

SmartSpotter App, is it worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

Although being a fresh face in the market might mean that you don’t have so many “Spots” available, this shouldn’t put you off against this app. First of all, competition is much smaller, which means if a task is available in your area, you can be sure that they will not be gone in few minutes and you might have an opportunity to do quite a few missions in your free time. SmartSpotter pay rate is very good. I have not seen any task which would pay less than £5, and many of them pay £10 or more.

I think using SmartSpotter now, and it’s a great opportunity to build your profile for the future. It looks like this app is getting a fair share of the crowd-sourcing apps in the UK and will stay in the market for long. Once this becomes more popular, you will have a higher profile, will be able to reserve more “Spots” and will have more time to complete them.

SmartSpotter ranks


  • Very good pay rate on most of the tasks
  • Low competition for spotters, don’t need to be afraid to lose spot in the minutes.


  • The app requires improvements. Filters to see “Spots” available based on the distance would be great
  • Not too many “Spots” available at the moment. But it’s getting more and more available every day.
  • Not suitable for people who are shy to take pictures in public or speak with stores employees

Don’t forget to use following link and get extra invitation for your SmartSpotter referral scheme! Or alternatively, You can download your app from here.

Smartspotter google play
Smartspotter apple app store

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