Streetbees app review – Money for Short Surveys on your Smartphone

Streetbees app review - Money for Short Surveys on your Smartphone


Are you looking to earn money while watching TV or eating dinner? Most of the surveys sites will ask you to use a computer, switch off other devices, and focus your attention entirely on their survey. With Streetbees app, you can earn decent money for watching TV, eating, drinking and many more ways. Share photos of your plate, take a picture of the ads you see on TV, snap it your beard after shave, etc. In this post, I will take you through my experience using Streetbees app.

What is the Streebees app

Streetbees it’s a global research company working with planets most known brands like Unilever, Vodafone, Pepsi, BBC, etc. Streetbees app connect businesses and local people to help companies gather information about people’s everyday habits, local knowledge and use of the products.

Companies pay the Streetbees to connect them with the right audience, collect and approve information. Streetbees users at the same time are getting paid for sharing their knowledge by filling in selected surveys. Some stories may ask you to take a photo, record a short video, or you can get paid to purchase the branded item.

To register with Streetbees, you need to be 18 years old and live in one of the 87 countries where Streetbees operates. This app is available for iPhone and Android smartphone users and can be downloaded from here: iPhone and Android.

How does Streetbees app work

How does Streetbees app work

Once you’ve downloaded Streetbees app and completed personal information page, you can start looking for available surveys. The interface is very smooth and user-friendly, once you head to the “Live Stories” tab, most likely you will have a free surveys available, which are the doors for the paid ones. Free surveys, is the way you are being pre-screened, so you get only the “right” surveys, and you shouldn’t be screened out once you accepted the story.

Surveys with Streetbees are a little different than regular survey platforms. All studies were completed in the app, communicating with chat-bot instead of ticking the boxes and picking the right answer. Very often survey may look more like a task, for example, it may ask you to make a short video of how you brew a tea or take a picture of your snacks while you are watching TV.

I have earned money from taking pictures of my dinner, my morning coffee, picturing my snacks while gaming, etc. Each story will take 5 to 20 minutes to complete, and it will pay from £1 to £10. At least I have not seen any paying more than this.

Streetbees app pay you for snacking

You will notice that answering to one story often will lead to more surveys in the same storyline. For example, answering a study about what drink do you have at the moment (£1) can lead to a story about your favourite coffee (£3), etc.

Besides, you can install “Bee Labs” app which will track what apps you download onto your mobile device and how you use them. Personal or sensitive information what you enter into your apps, such as login, email or password, will NOT be collected. If you keep this projects app installed on your device, you will get paid £1 every week.

How to get paid by Streetbees app

Once you submitted your story, you need to wait for Streetbees to approve. Payment speeds are inconsistent, some take a day, some others take weeks, but so far all stories I completed, were paid.

streetbees app payment approved

With Streetbees payment process is automated and you will get paid whenever your survey is approved. It is and convenient and spammy at the same time 🙂 You will be getting emails from PayPal every time you get paid.

Another way to earn with Streetbees, is to refer your friends. Although it’s unclear how much reward you will get, every penny counts and you should try this.

I would appreciate if you would use my referral code for your registration. My code is 7442G2.

Streetbees app, is it worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

Overall it’s a great app that consistently provides pocket money. Most of the surveys were completed while watching TV, gaming or eating. It did not rain with the money because there aren’t many “Live Stories”, but they pay a decent rate, so I keep checking this app from time to time.

So far, average income hovers about £8-£10 per month. Extra £100 per year, for couple minutes of my time per month? Why not.


  • Decent pay rate. Surveys which takes 2-5min to complete will pay at least £1. Some stories with photos and short videos may pay up to a £10, but so far I highest pay I’ve managed to catch was for £3
  • Easy to use and navigate app
  • Very convenient app. You can complete surveys on the phone while watching TV.


  • You can build up your money in the app and withdraw all at once. Automated payments will flood your email and PayPal
  • Not many “Live Stories” available all the time
  • You are required to monitor the app manually, no notification about new stories.

As you can see, this app can be a great place to make extra money during your daily activities. Eating, drinking, watching TV, etc. you can get paid for all these activities.

If you have access to desktop and more free time, why not to try survey websites?

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