Swagbucks review, is it worth it?

Swagbucks are they really so good


What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online rewards service, that pays you for searching the web, taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, or referring your friends. You will get a reward, every time you do one of the regular activities. You earn Swagbucks points called SB’s, which later converted into gift cards or cash.

Registration is open worldwide, and it covers most of the countries in America, Europe and Asia.

Swagbucks is one of the largest companies providing surveys, cashback and other reward services in the world. Since it’s established, it paid to its members over £228 million in cash and gift cards.

Swagbucks rewards

How and how much money I can earn with Swagbucks?

Once you register on the website, you will see all available tasks you can do on the left side of the page. You can earn SB’s by doing any of the tasks you find by clicking on the tab.

Swagbucks navigation panel

Answer – The survey page will open, and you can start earning SB’s by filling them.

Shop     – cashback page where you can earn SB’s in return for your purchases with Swagbucks partners. There are lots of popular UK brands for cashback. Tesco, Argos, AO and Iceland, it’s only a few to mention.

Discover – special offers to earn SB’s. These may include trial subscriptions, purchases online, betting sites or entering competitions.

Watch  – get paid for watching video content. Content may vary from news to advertisements.

Search  – use the Swagbucks search engine instead of your regular one and earn SB’s.

Now let’s have a look into each of these tabs.

You can go to the main survey webpage, by clicking the “Answer” tab

I would expect you to see plenty of surveys available at the first time you visit this page. Availability will decrease once you work through these. The first impression wasn’t too bad, there were around 30 surveys available for me, and some studies had a high pay rate. For example, 77 SB’s for 3 minutes survey. This would equate to £0.50 if cashed out with a Paypal gift card (1440 SB for £10), making an hourly rate of £10.00 per hour. Also, there was a special offer running on the website, where you could earn a 50% bonus on top of regular pay, this would take an hourly rate to staggering £15.00 per hour. Unfortunately, I was screened out after 30 seconds in the survey and got 1 SB for trying.

Swagbucks surveys

The next attempt was to take a 15-minute survey with a pay of 175 SB (+88 SB bonus). This survey would make a rate of £5.00 per hour (without bonus). And that was the second-best available rate from the rest of the studies. A survey was successfully completed in 12 minutes, increasing the average payout to £5.90 and with a bonus, this was £8.85, which is a very decent rate I have to say.

Swagbucks reward

After completing these two surveys, there was nothing available to take, which would pay more than 5 SB per minute, so I came back the next day. Luckily there were a couple of high paying surveys available again. I did two studies and reached my first cashout target 700 SB’s, which were exchanged for £5 Amazon gift card.

Safe to say, I did not spend more than a half-hour in two days doing the surveys on the Swagbucks website and already earned a £5 gift card. Am I happy? Yes. If you pick your studies carefully, Swagbucks is a survey platform with a very decent payout rate.

Now let’s have a look what offers you can find in “Shop” tab.

This page is dedicated to earn the cash back on any online purchases with Swagbucks partners. Like any other cashback site, the idea behind is that if you have intentions to buy something, visit your preferred website by clicking through Swagbucks and earn cashback on your purchase.

Unfortunately, after having a quick look and comparing it to other available cashback websites, I noticed that the cashback rate on Swagbucks is slightly lower. For your convenience you can install “Swagbutton” to your browser and this button will notify you about available offers where the website can give you cashback.


Tab “Discover” pretty much the same as “Shop”.

It is a cashback page, but with slightly different activities.

You will earn SB’s for purchasing, registering or participating in prize draws. For example, register on one of the gambling sites, deposit & play £10 will earn for your 4,100 SB.

There are plenty of other partner offers which will pay you SB’s for registrations that don’t cost you anything. Or if you like to play the games on your phone, you can install one of the many offered games and earn money for playing.

As you can see, some offers have a T&C applied; thus, it is necessary to read them before signing up for any offer. Please bear in mind; if you sign up for any trials, you will need to cancel the subscription before trial expires. Otherwise, you will get charged if you continue to use subscribed service!

Swagbucks cashback

It might be the right place if you are a newly registered member of Swagbucks and there might be plenty of offers available to earn easy SB’s until you try them all. If you are unsure, I would suggest skipping this section for good.

“Watch” tab dedicated to earning SB’s by watching video content online.

Clicking on “Get Started” will take you to the next page where video clips will play. You can rate video every 35 seconds, and after watching five videos, you will get paid 1SB.

Pay rate is so low that after 3 minutes of watching random news videos, I earned 1SB and switched this off. I sincerely feel that this is not the way to make money, yet Swagbucks is a popular service for phone farming.

“Search” tab, simple as it sounds, you can earn money by searching the web using the Swagbucks search engine instead of your regular one (Google, Bing, etc.). The average expected payout for this task is about 10 SB’s for ten searches, depending on what you search for.

Finally, you can increase your SB earnings by completing your daily tasks.

For example, reach your daily goal and get 10% on top. I believe this is limited to 10SB’s per day.

swagbucks daily goal

Follow Swagbucks on Facebook and Twitter, look for daily “SWAG CODE” and redeem bonus SB’s by entering code in your “Promotions” tab.

Earn SB’s referring your friends.

You and your referral get a 300 SB Bonus when your referral earns 300 SB within their first 30 days.

You can support me by registering through my referral link here.

What are the available pay-out options on Swagbuck?

Once you click on the “Redeem Your SB” tab, you will be taken to payout panel where you can surf and choose your preferred option. From what I can see now, the best available cashout deal is 1300 SB points for £10 worth virtual Master Card which would be delivered to your email. The lowest possible payout I see is £3 worth amazon gift card which costs 480 SB points.

swagbucks payment options

Reading comments below MasterCard option, I noticed many people complaining about not receiving their cards or verification process taking too long. I opted for the Amazon gift card, mainly for this reason. I received confirmation of my order immediately, and the gift card arrived two days later.

swagbucks amazon gift card

It’s disappointing that earnings come in SB rather than cash, yet having the smallest payout threshold set as low as £3, I think it’s a safe way to earn. And it’s good to know, with Swagbucks it won’t take long to earn enough points for your first gift card.

How to register and start working on Swagbucks?

Registration, as usual, is very straight forward. Visit Swagbucks webpage, enter your email, create a password and click Sign up button. You will then get an email asking to confirm your registration, and you can start earning your SB’s straight after that.

swagbucks profile survey

Either you choose to take on of the first offers or click on “Take me to the homepage” and start exploring Swagbucks on your own.

Swagbucks, Is It Worth it? Conclusions, Pros and Cons

Swagbucks is a massive platform with plenty of opportunities to earn money. It has many positive reviews across the web, and I see why it’s such a popular place for extra income earners. You can spend all day the Swagbucks page, and you will still find what to do there. In my opinion, being picky and limiting your activity to only high paying tasks would increase the hourly rate significantly and would make your time with Swagbucks much more pleasant.


  • Lots of different opportunities to earn money
  • Being picky with tasks you do, can have a very competitive pay rate
  • Low cashout threshold
  • Good referral scheme


  • Naturally less offers available after some time with Swagbucks.
  • Earning SB points instead of actual cash is inconvenient process

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You can support me by registering on Swagbucks through my referral link here.

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Don’t forget key facts about making money online

  • Regularly withdraw your earnings from the website. Do not use survey sites as your saving accounts. Anything can happen, and if the company goes busted, your earnings are gone as well.
  • I suggest to have a secondary email address for your side hustles online. Otherwise, your primary email account might be flooded with spam and unnecessary emails.
  • Don’t forget to declare your extra income to HMRC at the end of the financial year. You must report this as a self-employed income.

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