Should you switch energy supplier to save money?

Should you switch energy supplier to save money?


 Did you know that YouGov poll revealed more than a third of people would not switch their energy suppliers despite the possibility to save up to £300 per year?! 

But why would you not switch? After all, it’s free money and shame if you don’t take advantage of such opportunities! You would still get the same energy to your home, just cheaper? The money you save on your gas and electricity can buy new, more efficient combi-boiler only in few years! 

Switching process is simple and can take as little as spending 10 minutes online and on average after 16-21 days you have new cheaper energy at your home. Switch is stress-free, there’ll be no interruption to your supply, and your new energy provider takes all switching process hustle from you.

Once you switched to new supplier, all you need to do is to submit your final meter readings, and if your closing account balance is in credit, your old supplier should pay this back with your final bill which must take no more than six weeks to arrive. If supplier fails to issue a final invoice in this timeframe, you are eligible for extra £30 in compensation!

If you want to find out how much you can save, visit a supplier of your choice or comparison site and use their comparison tool. Enter your estimated usage, current plan details, and see the result. 

Some people are reluctant to leave big six suppliers and usually try to avoid smaller companies or unfamiliar brands. Fear over the customer service, unexpected bills or companies going bust are keeping them away from saving money. 

And so it’s right before signing up with new energy provider to do your research and see what other customers are saying. 

I have switched!

When I switched energy provider last year, I was looking for:

  1. Green energy supplier. Green energy it’s something I truly believe and value. And at the time when planet is facing climate change challenges, I am proud to contribute and help to reduce emissions as much as I can. Although I get same energy as everyone else, I am happy to know that 100% of energy I use will be fed back on the grid from the renewable energy sources.
  2. Cheaper energy than with current provider. I moved from British Gas four years ago and never looked back. I always had affordable and reliable supplier since then, but from time to time, I have to switch again, simply because the current provider lifts the prices. 
  3. Good reviews online. Customer service might be a big issue is you face any challenges with your energy provider. Thus I like to do my research before switching. Trustpilot it’s a great place to see the ratings and reviews, which might help you to make your mind when choosing the new energy supplier.

Green Network Energy was the best match for all criteria, so I did switch and chose them to be my new energy provider.

Save money with Green Network Energy

The choice of renewable energy providers is growing, and so the competition. Most of the companies are working hard to build their names, providing excellent customer service and offers competitive prices.

If you think that green energy will cost much more than fossil fuel, think again. Last year I switched to Green Energy Network, and they beat the price of fossil fuel energy by more than £300 in some cases! 

Save money with Green Network Energy

Also, it offers a fixed price, which will stay the same for all term of your contract. 

I have a promo code which would give you a £60 discount on your first bill. You will then have your own referral code which you can share with your friends, and you both can get £60 off your bills. 

To get this offer, click on the link below:

Get £60 off your first bill with Green Network Energy!

So far, with Green Network Energy I had no issues at all. The switch was smooth and no quibble. Billing works without any problems. I am paying less than I paid last year, and my account is still in hefty credit – it seems I am overpaying! 

Customer service is very helpful, and any questions I have had – answered in full. No long queuing on the phone line, and emails answered in 24 hours. I can see why Green Energy Network is doing so great on the Trustpilot website. It has a 4+ star score, and from 5,821 reviews over 80% are positive!

I hope they will have the best price next time so I could stay with them for longer.

Best comparison site for energy deals? Look After My Bills.

Many people don’t switch because they have no time or they forget to check for the deals when their contract runs out. If you are one of those people, I would strongly suggest to have a look at the UK’s no.1 energy auto-switching site Look After My Bills. 

Once you sign up to Look After My Bills (it only takes 2 minutes!), you can review your current energy plan vs the market. From here, you let LAMB do all the hard work for you. Give them your email, address, your latest energy bill, direct debit details and once Look after My Bills will find a better deal available, they will automatically switch you to the new deal. When that deal ends, LAMB will review and switch you to new deal again – meaning you can be confident you are always on a great deal without the hassle of having to scan comparison sites each year when your contract runs out! 

Look After My Bills highly reputable brand, with 7,500 reviews on Trustpilot and 90%+ positive reviews! From 2019 it’s a part of the GoCompare group, so you can be sure you are always in good hands, and if you have any questions, they have a big customer service team on hand to help.

If you switch using following link, you can get a £10 Amazon voucher.

Switch and get a £10 Amazon voucher.

Tips to remember

  • You have a cooling-off period of 14 days. If you decide that you no longer want to switch your supplier, contact your new supplier and let them know. For example, if LAMB would switch you to the supplier you don’t trust, you have 14 days to let them know that you want to cancel the switch and you stay with your old supplier without interrupting your supply.
  • Make sure you check if your current deal has run out. Otherwise, you may get charged so-called “exit fee”. This fee will vary depending on the supplier, so worth to check your agreement. If you have less than 49 days left with your deal, no exit fees can be applied, and you are free to switch if you like.
  • If your switch took more than 15 working days (after 14 day cooling period), you are eligible for £30 compensation.

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