TOP 4 – Best survey sites in the UK

TOP 4 - Best survey sites in the UK


Can you earn money with surveys..? Or why to take surveys..? Which are the best survey sites..?

There are many different ways how anyone can top up their family budged by spending time online in their free time. For me, this was a fascinating idea to earn extra money which I could spend without hurting my wallet.

It’s always good to know you have money on a side to meet any challenges you may face. Having this money may help you to save for an expensive gift, or it’s time to upgrade your ageing TV? Unexpected expenses? Treats for the kids? Or any other unexpected surprises. When you know you have spare money, you sleep better 🙂

If you have a spare moment during a day (or night), one of the easiest ways to make money online is filling in surveys. It’s easy, no stress activity. Depending on the survey platform, you can earn close to the average hourly rate in the UK. Some sites are paying up to £12 per hour, which quickly adds up to decent amount over the month. Spending on surveys 30 min a day can help you to earn up to an extra £100 in a month.

After trying multiple sites, I have identified four best sites, which are easy to use and pay the most money. Some places won’t even have to be monitored; they will either notify you about new surveys by email or will invite you to participate by voice notifications trough the speakers.

TOP 4 – Best Survey Sites that Pays You the Most!



Previously known as Prolific academic, is a survey site, not like any other. Surveys on this platform mainly focused on academic research rather than usual retail questionnaires. You will find studies much are much more exciting and engaging than usual. Prolific is a great place to start surveys journey.

Although it’s not a very busy place, but their minimal pay is very decent. They promise not to pay less than £5 per hour, but most of the time, the pay rate is much higher.

Great feature for this site is “Prolific Assistant” extension for your browser. Once it’s installed, it will notify you about new studies available, by voice message and pop up notification if you are using Windows 10. With Prolific assistant, you don’t have to keep checking their site, and this could save a great deal of your time.

Prolific will never “screen” you out. Once you managed to reserve your place, survey provider will allow you to complete the task and most definitely will pay.

You can expect to earn somewhere, on average £25-£35 per month.

prolific review



Very popular and one of the favourite survey sites for many people. What makes PopulusLive to stand out above other survey providers? Their top pay rate. I doubt you will find many platforms with a pay rate of £12 per hour. Average hourly salary in the UK for 2019 was over £14, which means even filling in surveys you can earn very close to the average wage.

You don’t have to spend hours looking at the screen waiting for the surveys. When new studies open up, you will get an invitation email from PopulusLive and clicking through the link in the email you will get to the PopulusLive platform.

Like most of the survey providers, you may be screened out at some point during the survey. You won’t receive a reward for this survey, but instead, you will enter into a monthly prize draw of £250. The prize draw takes place on the second Monday of each month, and if you are the winner, you will get paid in 4 weeks after the draw.

PopulusLive has minimum cashout amount, which is £50. Once you reach this limit, you will receive a cheque by post. Usually, it takes 2-3 months to reach £50.

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One of the oldest survey sites in the world. It has grown to a large size platform for home money makers. Since it’s established, it paid to its members over £228 million in cash and gift cards.

It offers plenty of opportunities for everyone. You can earn money by filling in surveys, use their cashback service, get paid for using their search engine instead of your regular one, earn money by registering on their partner’s websites and more.

Instead of cash, you earn SB points which later can be redeemed for money into your PayPal account, or exchange them to a wide range of gift cards. Amazon, M&S, Debenhams it’s only a few to mention.

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It’s a survey platform available to use on PC or mobile. With Qmee you can earn money for a wide range of activities. Besides, getting cash for completing surveys, you can also make money for surfing the web and clicking suggested links or use Qmee cashback service.

Qmee was founded in 2012 and is a well known reputable brand. It has no minimum withdrawal limit, and all your rewards can be redeemed into PayPal account instantaneously.

As with many survey platforms, you can be screened out during the survey. It can be various reasons for this, you don’t meet the researcher’s criteria, the maximum number of responded has been reached, or your answers were illogical. However, Qmee tries to keep fair game by giving you at least part of the expected reward if you were screened out during the survey.

If you register through my referral link, each of us will get an extra £0.50 with your first withdrawal.

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How much can you earn with online surveys?

As you probably understand, surveys won’t make you rich, but depending on the website, you can earn about 30£ per month with spending a very little time during a day. Prolific and PopulusLive won’t even keep you glued to your computer, they will inform you either by email or pop up notification about new researches available.

If you have more time, you can sign up for as many survey sites as you like, but keep in mind that not many platforms will pay a decent hourly rate. There are platforms with an unlimited amount of surveys always available, but with some of them, your hourly rate barely can reach £1 per hour.

Watch out for scams. If the survey site is asking to pay for the registration, keep away from them. Legitimate survey platform will never ask you to pay for access to their surveys. You are here to earn money, not to lose.

I have listed these four platforms as the best survey sites based on my personal experience. Do your research, and if you find any better, please share this with me, I would be delighted to try and use them as well.

Bottom line, using a few survey platforms and combining all profits from them, should allow you to reach at least £100 per month, which later can be used for anything you like. Do you have a secret plan of how you spend this money? Re-invest? Buying treats for the kids? Are you saving for something bigger? Please share this in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you need more ideas about how to make extra money, why not to look at in-store cashback apps?

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