TOP 5 – Best tasking apps on your smartphone

TOP 5 - Best tasking apps on your smartphone


Times, when everyone is barely lifting their eyes from their phones, provides excellent opportunities to earn money in your free time. One of the ways you can make some cash with your smartphone is tasking apps.

What is tasking app?

Tasking apps allow you to do easy jobs in your area and get paid for this. Tasks may vary from visits to your local supermarkets and checking the stock levels for required products, behave like mystery shopper or take a drink in the pub “on the house”! You can earn from £3 to £30 per visit, depending on complexity and time left to the deadline of the job.

The usual task will involve visiting supermarkets, pharmacies, pubs or petrol stations. Depending on the assignment, you may need to answer some questions, take a photo or maybe buy something (any purchase you asked to make reimbursed after you complete the mission). Most of the tasks take no more than 15 minutes to do, but most of the apps will allow you to take up to two hours to complete your mission.

Make sure you are confident about taking photos in public and have a good camera, so your pictures don’t look blurry. You may be approached by a member of staff and asked why are you taking the pictures, you then can explain that you do an assignment on behalf of tasking app “X”, and you have to take photos of the shelves. Most of the time, you will have this information “What to do?” in the assignment instructions.

If you look at the app store on your phone, you will notice that tasking apps are very popular and there are many of them available to download. However, after trying most of them, I noticed some are not worthy of the time. Some pay pennies, others are inactive and have very few missions available. Below you can see the ultimate list of best paying and most active apps available in the UK market.

What are the best 5 tasking apps in the UK


1. Roamler – very popular with “taskers” in the UK. Busy and well-paying app available for both iPhone and Android smartphone users. It always has plenty of job offers available across the country. Whether you fancy top do mystery shopping or just for a quick snap of shelves in the store, there is always a way to make quick cash with Roamler.

However, this one has the most complicated way to get in. You can join Roamler only with invitation from other users. To get an invitation, you can head to Twitter, search for #roamler, and you should see tweets with available codes. Otherwise, you can ask me, and very likely I will have a spare code to share.

roamler review

2. BeMyEye – busiest app from all listed here. Download app on your phone, register and open missions. You will always find something available in your area to top-up your wallet. Checking freshly cut flowers, snapping a photo on display in your local store or grabbing a snack as misery shopper. Open a map and navigate through the available tasks. You are in control how much you will earn. One job for quick fiver, or all day for a ton, it’s all up to you.

With every job you do, you build your experience. With every new level, you can reserve more tasks at once, have more time to complete them and cash out more often.

If you will sign up using my link here and enter my invite code x5kqlg , we both will get rewarded an extra £1 on our next mission.

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3. SmartSpotter – Relevantly new, thus not overcrowded, but gaining a strong position in the UK market. More and more jobs available every month with an excellent pay rate for their tasks. Missions may vary from checking the promotional materials in stores or purchasing products with short shelf life. SmartSpotter will reimburse any purchases you have to make.

It’s a perfect time to join “spotters” now. Low competition allows you to take most of the tasks available in your area and earn a substantial amount of cash in no time. Read here how I made £50 in three hours, riding a bike around my home.

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field agent

4. Field Agent – it’s a veteran app connecting “agents” with clients. Most crowded app with the highest competition. Jobs are coming up regularly, but once task becomes available, usually, it’s gone within a few hours, so you need to be quick.

High average pay and one job may lead to another few afterwards. It’s an excellent app to keep an eye on. You can expect to earn about £10-£20 per month for a couple of missions. Withdrawals available only to your bank account, so make sure you have all information posted after registration so money can reach you smoothly.

field agent review

5. Easy Shift – American company expanded its business into the UK back in 2018. It offers an excellent pay rate for jobs available through all the country. EasyShift works on Android and iOS, and it’s similar to all other tasking apps.

You may have to take pictures of products on the shelf, count the facings, etc. It pays from £6 to £10 per task and £0.50 extra, per each display you found. Haven’t build a massive “taskers” army yet, so there are jobs available on the map most of the time, and they are not fast to go away.

How much can you earn with tasking apps?

Well, only you can answer to this question. How much time will you dedicate for missions? How far are you willing to go to search for available tasks? You are in control of your earnings. There are people in other forums and blogs claiming they earn £1000’s each month. Which I truly believe is possible. I don’t spend too much time tasking; I may pop into local stores once or twice a week and combining income from all these apps usually just over £200. You can see my income reports here.

If you own a bike or car and you are willing to travel further away from your local area, this might increase your income, but you have a factor in your travel costs. Sometimes you may have multiple tasks from different apps in the same area; this is the beauty of having all apps on your phone.

Make sure you have a smartphone with a decent quality camera. Blurry, unclear or photos not matching instruction requirements will be rejected. It will cause a waste of time and may lead you to go back to the same area to repeat the task.

Tasking apps are great for people who are confident in public. You may need to take a lot of pictures in the stores, and sometimes you might be approached by a member of staff. You need to be confident and explain why you are taking pictures. Sometimes you may need to sign and present your photo ID before you proceed with the task; you will see this in the instructions.

Overall I love tasking apps. I have a phone with me all the time, and if I am out shopping, I regularly scan for tasks in the area. It gives a decent extra income over the month.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you need more ideas about how to make extra money, why not to look at in-store cashback apps?

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