TOP 6 – smartphone apps that help you save money on supermarket shops

TOP 6 - smartphone apps that help you save money on supermarket shops


I am sure that anyone who shops in major supermarkets in the UK would be glad to have at least part of their expenses covered by someone else. And you know what? It can be done. All you need to do, it’s install a few apps on your smartphone and visit these apps just before you go shopping and when you are back. Some apps will offer cashback on qualifying purchases; others will pay for snaps of your purchasing receipts. Combine these apps, and you can save £100’s per year.

Continue reading, and you will find out the best smartphone apps that help you save money in the UK.

Best cashback apps to save in-store and online

How do cashback apps work?

Apps that offers cashback on in-store purchases, gives you access to exclusive offers in the supermarkets. It offers up to 100% cashback on different products, with featured products usually changing every week.

To get a cashback online, instead of going directly to your preferred stores’ website, you need to click through the cashback site or app and part of your spend will be paid back. Depending on the store you may get up to 20% cashback in some cases.


Shopmium app free tub of ice cream

Shopmium it’s a free cashback app available on iPhone and Android smartphones. It offers cashback for online and in-store shopping. It has offers in most of the major supermarkets in the UK; exemptions are only discounters such as Lidl and Aldi.

Download, register and surf the app for all available deals. Offers updated every week and with sales marked “Try for FREE” you can get a discount up to 100%.

If you download the Shopmium app through my link, you will get a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Or you can manually enter my referral code during the registration. My code is yz3gu4

shopmium review

Checkout Smart

checkout smart review

If you like freebies and discounts, then try “Checkout Smart” app. It’s one of the most popular cashback apps in the UK, and it has the most comprehensive list of supermarkets with deals available online and in-store.

While other apps usually offer one time discount to try item, “Checkout Smart” actually can give the same discount multiple times, which allow you to save many times on your favourite things.

You can install the “Checkout Smart” app into your iPhone or Android smartphone, or use their website and check available deals. Buy qualifying item in the required store, scan this item through the app, snap your receipt and click “Upload Receipt”. Once your request is approved, money will get transferred into your app wallet.

To withdraw your money for free, you need to have at least £20.00 inn balance; any less will trigger a 5% transfer fee.

checkout smart review


greenjinn review

GreenJinn it’s a free cashback app that gives you access to exclusive discount offers on everyday shopping in the supermarkets. Currently, it has offers at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

App offers affordable healthy food for consumers, so that everyone could live healthier and happier. Vegan? Gluten-free? Organic? It has many deals available to everyone. You can get cashback up to 100%, so if you like freebies, it’s an app for you.

GreenJinn deals refreshes every Monday, and usually, it offers about £30 in savings if you use all available coupons. You can cash out as soon as you reach £1.50, and money can be redeemed directly into your PayPal/Bank account.

green jinn review


Quidco review

If you ever had interest in the cashback, you probably already know Quidco. It’s one of the biggest cashback sites in the UK, offering discounts for most of the retailers.

How does it work? Once you’ve logged in to Quidco, find the retailer you’re interested in and have a look at the rates of cashback. It may vary from 1% up to 30% in some cases. Then you need to click “Get cashback”, and you will be redirected to the retailers’ page to make your purchase.

After the purchase is made, cashback will be transferred to your account. And once it’s earned, you are free to withdraw to your bank or PayPal account.

Best receipt snapping apps

What are the receipt snapping apps, and why do they pay for photos of your receipts? Companies that pay you for the snaps of receipts are research companies that collects and summarises consumers behaviour data into market research reports. Later this data is given to the brands which purchase these reports.

To earn money with receipt snapping apps all you need to do, is to save receipt after shopping and take a photo of this receipt using the in-app camera. Once it’s uploaded, wait for approval and collect your points. Later these points can be exchanged to cash into your PayPal account or gift card of your choice.

You can combine a few apps to increase rewards, and from your receipts, you can expect to earn up to £100 per year. Below you will find the most popular receipt snapping apps in the UK.


shoppix review

Shoppix it’s an app that’s available only in the UK and can be installed on iPhone or Android smartphone. Company focused solely on UK consumer behaviour and accepted receipts only, which were paid within the UK.

For each receipt you scan, you will be rewarded with “tokens” which later can be redeemed for cash into your PayPal account or exchanged for the gift card with Amazon, iTunes or Love2Shop.

You will get 25 tokens for the receipt, and if you snap receipt on the day of the purchase, you will get an extra five tokens as a bonus. Also, with every receipt, you have a chance to get invitations to complete a quick survey about your shopping experience. Each survey will give you another 10-50 tokens and scratchcard. If you are lucky, scratchcard will add another 10-50 tokens to your balance.

Both – winning and losing scratchcards gain entry into a weekly prize draw with bigger prizes up for grabs! Weekly grabs include two awards of 10,000 tokens and eight awards of 2,000 tokens. Weekly prize draw is being taken at 8 AM every Monday.

Minimum cash out option is 3,200 tokens which is worth £5. You can expect to collect enough points every 2-3 months.

shoppix review

Receipt Hog

receipt hog review

Receipt Hog it’s another company which produces consumer’s habits reports for leading brands around the world. App is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and it accepts receipts for your purchases from many countries.

Every receipt which qualifies and approved will reward you with coins, which later you can exchange for cash into your PayPal account. The amount of points you will get depends on the total value of your receipt. It varies from 5 to 20 coins. Once you reached 100 in a week, any further receipts will get rewarded 5 points only. Receipt Hog accepts receipts not older than two weeks.

Every receipt gives you an entry for monthly sweepstake where you can win up to 5,000 coins. Also, every week, one lucky winner get paid in full for their last uploaded shopping receipt.

You can redeem your points for Amazon gift card once you reach 1,000 points, or for cash into PayPal account when you have collected 1,500 points. You can expect to get about £50 per year for snapping your receipts with Receipt Hog.

receipt hog

Conclusions. Can you save money with cashback and receipt apps?

So here we have six best money saving apps for your smartphone. Combining saving power from all of them, you can save a very substantial amount of money during a year.

Cashback apps should be used carefully, as they can lead to unnecessary purchases. Otherwise, if you buy only things you need, this can be a compelling way to get back at least part of your shopping expenses.

Receipt snapping apps, it’s money for nothing. Instead of binning your receipt, just snap it and enjoy it extra £100 per year.

Are you looking for more ways to make extra money? Why not to do small tasks while out for shopping? Please see best tasking apps in the UK, which helps me to get £100’s of extra cash every month.

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