UK eBay and PayPal – Profit / Fee Calculator

UK eBay and PayPal - Profit / Fee Calculator

Selling your stuff on eBay may seem like an easy option, but it’s essential to know how fees can affect your profits. There are some basic fees that you’ll be charged when sold an item on eBay, and those fees can add up and take you by surprise if you’re not expecting them.

Instead of waiting for the final invoice from the eBay and jumping to PayPal to check how much they have charged you for each transaction, I suggest you use ” UK eBay and PayPal Profit / Fee Calculator“. I have created this calculator for my personal use during my Raw Customers Returns experiment and found it to be handy. You are FREE to use this “UK eBay and PayPal – Profit / Fee Calculator” for your own needs right here on the website or you can download it as an Excel spreadsheet and use it on your desktop.

What is Profit and Fee Calculator?

This tool will perform standard calculations to show you how much of your sales proceeds will be taken as fees for eBay and PayPal.

The calculator uses fees as of date 20.02.2020. I will try to keep the spreadsheet up to date, but if you notice any issues, please let me know. 

Please note, to have correct calculations amend only the white cells. 

I believe fields are self-explanatory, but just in case I will leave short descriptions here.

  • Product Purchase Price: how much you paid for the item. If you didn’t pay anything, leave it blank.
  • Purchasing Carriage Cost: how much you paid for the delivery of this item. It may be either actual postage, or how much you spent on the fuel to collect this item.
  • Shipping cost: how much you paid to courier to deliver this item 
  • Packaging cost: any charge occurred to ship this item. Envelopes, bags or boxes, etc.
  • Sale Price incl. P&P: how much you sold your item for. It includes postage fees received from the buyer. 

Tips to remember:

  • As a private seller, you can list up to 1,000 things for free every month, and If you manage to sell your item then eBay will charge you 10% of the money you made – this includes postage and packaging.
  • Sometimes, eBay does hold promotional days or weekends where you can list up to 100 listings with Max £1 selling fees! Which means no matter how much your item sold for, you pay no more than £1 per sale.
  • There are fees for optional listing upgrades. They are not necessary, but optional listing upgrades can help your listing stand out and attract more buyers. More about hem here.

eBay fees can be found here.

PayPal fees can be found here.


I make no claims as to the accuracy or completeness for any results produced by this calculator. If you use the results for any purpose, the responsibility of that use is entirely with you, the user.

Your fees may vary, and you should do your own research according to your personal situation and the item you are selling.

I grant you a personal right to use this web form or download this spreadsheet and copy or modify to suit your needs.

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